Hey girl heyyy! My name is Mandi Ashby, owner + creater here at Palmer + Jae! I live with my husband Jason and our two little firecrackers Charleston Jae(6) and Mayson Palmer (3) in Evansville, Indiana! Now you know where our busines name comes from!

P+J has been a dream of mine as long as I can remember. I used to sit in a cubicle everyday at work praying for a sign that there was more to life! I knew deep down in my core that I was MADE FOR MORE. I wanted to inspire + help women build the confidence that I lacked for far too long in life. We started primarily as a graphics company in 2021 but quickly grew into the full service boutique we are today.

I am a FIRM believer that nothing great is built on it's own, we have the ABSLOUTE BEST TEAM, CUSTOMERS + FAMILIES! I am still blown away everyday that this is what I get to do! My motto in life is feel the fear and do it anyway!

Here at Palmer + Jae, we strive meet our customers wherever they are in life. Our vision is to provide a special type of fashion where style meets comfort + affordability. Our mission to help women feel bold, confident and fierce from the boardroom to the school pickup line. We want to meet our customers wherever they are in life. We want to build an inclusive community for all women to come as they are and stay as long as you can! We wouldn't be US without YOU!


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